30 specially curated Stick-On Apps (SOAs) For Your Quantum living

Our breakthrough technology of QuantumEasy Stick-On Apps(SOAs) adopts the science of quantum waves technology (QWT) & the methodology of holographic information programming (HIP) to improve our daily living in a risk-free way, without pills, drugs & chemicals to achieve the desired success outcomes.

6 Easy Ways To Your “Miracle Living”


Merging ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and meridians with the cutting edge science of Quantum Technology, QuantumEasy is created to help the body, mind and spirit achieve a transformation of your entire well-being in a safe, chemical and pill free way.


With the rapid pace of our 21st century living, more than ever before we are more mindful to the importance of not only to live long, but also to live well. We believe in savouring life, being vibrant, healthy and robust. And most importantly thriving, feeling deeply fulfilled and happy. 


QuantumEasy helps you harness the energy of your home or the physical spaces around you through the process of quantum calibration and balancing.


A home is more than just a physical structure. Your living space has its very own energy and vibration which you can brilliantly direct to your advantage. Master your home, Master your happiness. Make your home a conduit of universal light, abundance and good health.


QuantumEasy strives to help children keep a positive and safe energetic state which will serve to empower them to their best potential, whilst enjoying the best of their childhood.


We focus on ensuring that your child's vibrational frequency is in a healthy and positive field. Quantum Mechanics has discovered that atoms and sub-atoms are simply made up of packets of energy. Different emotions have their different energies with different frequencies. 


QuantumEasy is all about helping you reconstruct the flow in your career. Getting the flow right is the path where your actions meets leverage, leading to results of massive impact and high performance.


When it comes to career success, most people approach it like it's a mountain they have to move. They feel they need to be a performance genius to play the game with winning cards. The science is clear, the formula of hard work and preparation is always important. However, the one thing that really builds success in your career is to have 'the flow', the right flow. QuantumEasy helps you bridge that flow easily & effectively.


QuantumEasy has created a series of stealth partners you can literally 'stick on' for more abundance, opportunities and business.


Working in your business is prudent, working on your business is strategic, but working 'off' your business is magic. Create your quantum business funnel and attraction using specially programmed SOAs, that your competitors won't even know!


QuantumEasy's Wealth Creation series work to help route unlimited coincidences and opportunities and remove abundance obstacles so you can be vibrationally aligned with the plentiful and prosperous life you deserve.


Wealth is a mindset while abundance is a state of being. Literally 'stick' to free-flowing abundance that allows you to empower yourself and others to create a wonderful ripple effect of abundance and serendipitous moments. 

All QuantumEasy Product Solu'tions are:


• Certified Non-Hazardous & Safe • For all ages • Non-Transdermal • No Drugs, Pills & Chemicals • All SOAs are NCPST-enabled (Non-Contamination Protection & Sealed Technique) • Water Resistant • No Known Side Effects • Positive Feedbacks Worldwide

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Mr Baey Yam Keng – Senior Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Community & Youth & Ministry of Transport & VVIP entourage are super impressed by Everyday EMF Protector


"The Psychic Shield Bodyguard is excellent for protecting me against all low energies! Really good for me as I meet a lot of customers daily!"

– Factory Japan Group Executive Therapist


"The Pain-Less Stick-On App (SOA) is an instant pain-relief for my workouts! 

– Jason Chee, Manhunter winner, Celebrity Model


"The Pain-Less Stick-On App (SOA) works within seconds! You have to try it to believe it! Amazing!"

– Helen C. Australian customer

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