What if there was a researched, tested and proven new technology that would help you get a deep restful sleep, give you increased energy all day, stimulate focus, increase sales, protect against negativity, boost mental clarity, relieve sinus and cold symptoms, soothe pain, cleanse negativity in any space & attract positive energies and help you lose weight, all without drugs or chemicals going into the body? 

We have developed new and exciting products that will do that and more... 

How Does QuantumEasy Technology Work?

The number one Quantum Waves Technology’s soul’utions from the USA, “QuantumEasy” is now available worldwide to promote holistic wellness, career and business success for every individual all over the world. 

QuantumEasy Technology is the result after years of research and development base on the science of quantum energy and zero-point energy using premium grade holographic stickers which are encrypted with quantum energy and information data.

The technology adopts the breakthrough science of quantum waves technology (QWT) and the methodology of holographic information programming (HIP). QuantumEasy has created instant balancing soul’ution for lack of vitality, sleep and pain (physical), poor relationship, as well as stagnated career or business. It guarantees breakthrough and almost instant results simply by having the HIP Stick-on Apps (SOAs) stick on individual’s personal effects or at strategic areas of their environmental spaces. 

QuantumEasy Technology is based on the use of zero point energy or quantum waves to encrypt quantum informational data into holographic stick-on apps.

Quantum waves were first discovered in the late 19th century by Nikola Tesla, a physicist best known for his contributions to the study of electricity and electromagnetism. Tesla was also the first physicist to theorize and then prove that electricity could be transmitted wirelessly via longitudinal waves, known as quantum waves. 

“QuantumEasy is all about going back to our original state of potential, our true blueprint program before patterns of childhood, society, relationships, injuries or diseases affect us. Whether you are intrigued by scientific quantum theories, the Higgs boson discovery and even Sheldrake’s Morphogenetics fields, or a seeker of inspiring, intellectual adventure and transformation, we are definitely connected at quantum level- the level where everything is connected to everything,” says Selina Seah, The Energy Alchemist and co-founder of QuantumEasy. 

Why do customers love QuantumEasy soul’utions?

Quick Results

Quantum Easy Stick-On Apps (SOAs) are proven by our customers to have fast & efficient results, you can view tests here.

Bringing the body back into a state of balance

The quantum energies and informational fields that are programmed and encrypted in the SOAs work with the body's natural energy flow to bring your body back to its optimal functioning state. 


Essentially, the SOAs are bringing the body back into a state of balance, or homeostasis. Think of it as acupuncture without the needles. This process takes place based on the science of the Meridian System (our body’s energy flow), combined with a concept in physics called entrainment. 

This simply means that the quantum energy formulas in a Stick-On App (SOA) Sticker, when placed at the proper position on the body, will interact with our body’s energy and balance our energy flow, allowing our body to restore its proper, ideal function.

Non-transdermal, 100% safe for all ages

Quantum Easy Stick-on Apps (SOAs) are non-transdermal which mean nothing can permeate into the skin and and our body. Hence there is NO chemicals, drugs and known side effects, meaning nothing passes through the skin (no chemicals or anything else enters the body).

Because the SOAs are programmed quantum informational fields, the body will only accept and response to what it needs to become in balanced and in sync, meaning you cannot overdose. 

Therefore, QuantumEasy products are 100% safe for all ages when used as directed. There are no drugs involved, so that means no drug interactions, no contraindications, no negative side effects! Safe for men, women, children and the elderly, regardless of what medications they may be on.    

Tested & Proven

Our products have been tested & proven by professional labs and multiple independent sources. You can view Lab test results here.

Our methodology, technology and formulas are protected as a trade secret.

Each SOA is infused with a unique formula. Think of these formulas like the ingredients in various pills. There are distinct programmed formulas for sleep, for the reduction of pain, sinus allergy relief, energy boost, mental alertness and so on. People do not take the same pill to assist with sleep as they would for mental alertness. Similarly, each different SOA, with its unique formula for the desired effect, is placed at the appropriate place on the body to produce that result. Different SOA are used at different places to produce different results. Simple!

More than 30 breakthrough Stick-On Apps to choose from

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About Us & Our Ethos

Quantum Easy is based on the concept of transformation without the chains of conditions and beliefs that we have learned to live by but through deep transformations that happen at quantum level where we want to focus on universal thoughts of what is your mind, your “I” and your YOUniverse.

2 Easy Ways To Your Quantum Universe

Everyday Stick-On Apps (SOA)

Everyday Stick-On-Apps (SOA) is the No. 1 Quantum soul’ution designed to promote holistic wellness, career & business success for every individual all over the world.

Just stick on your chosen SOA and be amazed at its effects!

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Distance Balancing Program (DBP)

The premium solution of Distant Balancing Program (DBP) can tune and balance the body, home or business space at any distance or in any part of the globe 24/7. 

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