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‘Live’ Demo of Quantum Easy Stick-On Apps’ instant results with Selina Seah & Argentina TV crew

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"I can feel a shift in my spiritual & emotional well-being after using "Raise My Vibrations" SOA!"



“Amazed by the energy test for EMF Protector! Eliminates harmful effects of electronic radiation!”


W.H. & Val.

“Recommend everyone to have the EMF Protector! Saw immediate results for the energy test, amazing!”


Shamini & Kumutha


"The Psychic Shield Bodyguard is excellent for protecting me against all low energies! Really good for me as I meet a lot of customers daily!"

– Factory Japan Group Executive Therapist


"The Pain-Less Stick-On App (SOA) is an instant pain-relief for my workouts! 

– Jason Chee, Manhunter winner, Celebrity Model


"The Pain-Less Stick-On App (SOA) works within seconds! You have to try it to believe it! Amazing!"

– Helen C. Australian customer

“I’m shocked that such a small tiny sticker can have this effect… definitely convinced me to buy the products!”

 - George Y. 

“Everyday EMF Protector is amazing…can really feel the difference with it or without. “

  - Jenny Y.

“Passed the Energy test for EMF Protector… Eliminates radiation from phone. Wonderful.”

- Martin

“The Everyday EMF Protector definitely did a huge difference to my energy. Without the sticker, my strength while holding the phone is a lot weaker than with the protector.”

  – Jennifer C.

“The EMF test actually explain how our energy can be affected vastly in my daily. Would recommend everyone to have the sticker on to protect ourselves from further EMF damage.”

  - Joe A.

“Tested out the EMF and I really felt and see a difference during the EMF test. Very amazed!”

 - Esther Ho 

“The EMF test is amazing! At first I was skeptic, but I asked my wife to do the same test and once again, my hand went down. Effective!”

 - C. T 

"Unbelievable! The effect is so instant & efficient- Getting for all of my family & friends!”

  - Michael M.

“Bought Pain-Less SOA for my 79-year-old mom. She walks with the aid of walking stick and wheelchair mostly when out. Since using pain-less, her legs and hips feels less painful and she feels more energized. She now has more confidence in walking with less pain.”

  - Ima

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