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Neither The Ninth Concepts Pte Ltd & its businesses, independent distributors, business associates make any claim that any QuantumEasy product is intended to prevent, cure, mitigate, treat, or diagnose disease or medical conditions. All our products & services are experimental in nature & only focus on the research, development & application of the information level of quantum theory. 

QuantumEasy Introduction



The No.1 Breakthrough Quantum Technology For Holistic Lifestyle & Success Creation Without Pills, Drugs & Chemicals

Be who you are and become who you can be. 

Whether you are intrigued by scientific quantum physics, the superstring theory and even Sheldrake’s Morphogenetic fields, or a seeker of higher information and transformation, we are definitely connected at quantum level- the level where everything is connected to everything. 

Quantum Connection goes so deep, and if you would like to be better satisfied by receiving the latest activations on the latest, the craziest and the most transformational branch of Quantum know-hows, then you’re in the right place…

About Us

“Quantum Easy is all about going back to our original state of potential. To be the creators and designers of our true blueprint program. Every minute of every day and night, awake or in slumber, we are constantly programming and designing our own mind and body.”

- Selina Seah

The Energy Alchemist

Co-Founder of QuantumEasy

Best-Selling Author

The No.1 Breakthrough Science of QuantumEasy


QuantumEasy Technology is the result after years of research and development based on the science of quantum energy and zero-point energy using state-of-the-art holographic stickers which are then encrypted with quantum energy and information data.

Our breakthrough technology of QuantumEasy Stick-On Apps(SOAs) adopts the science of quantum waves technology (QWT) & the methodology of holographic information programming (HIP) to improve our daily living in a risk-free way, without pills, drugs & chemicals to achieve the desired success outcomes.

QuantumEasy Is The Only Known Brand To Pass Extensive Energy Tests


  • ✅Lasts Up To 10 years
  • ✅Only known brand to pass extensive tests
  • ✅No Pills, Drugs & Chemicals
  • ✅No Known Side Effects
  • ✅Safe for all ages, children, adults & elderly
  • ✅Certified Safe & Gentle, Non Transdermal 
  • ✅All SOAs are NCPST-enabled (Non-Contamination Protection & Sealed Technique)
  • ✅Water Resistant

The Market Leader in Quantum Technology Product Solutions

Protects NOT 1 but 3 MAIN TYPES of EMF & 5G


Protects against 5G exposure & 3 main types of harmful EMF & and their harmful frequencies 

Eliminates 99.99% of 5G & All Types of EMF


Effectiveness Lasts up to 10 years


The effects does not wear off over time

Certified Non-Hazardous & Safe For All Ages


With no known side effects

Only known EMF protector that passed extensive energy tests


Biofeedback tested


Electrosmog Meter Tested


State-of-the- art 3D hologram protector


For Holographic Information Programming(HIP)

Encrypted, Protected & Sealed


All Stick-On-Apps, including the EMF Protector, is NCPST-Enabled 

(100% Non-Contamination Protection & Sealed Technique)

Approved By


The Energy Alchemist, Ex-Apple Scientist & Acclaimed Energy Practitioner



Worldwide positive results


From extensive tests, winning over other EMF protectors in the markets

Trusted & Acclaimed Internationally

Selina Seah demo the instant results of QuantumEasy Everyday EMF Protector on ‘live’ TV

"Live" on Japan’s TBS network

Selina Seah demonstrates the instant results of QuantumEasy EMF Protector  on Japan’s TBS network

Instant Results With Everyday EMF Protector

Selina Seah demonstrates the instant results of QuantumEasy EMF Protector with Jason Chee, Manhunt Winner

Testimonials From Industry Leaders

Lance, Google Inc


"I am honored to experience QuantumEasy Stick-On Apps from Selina Seah. I use the Everyday EMF Protector, Home Space Harmoniser in my apartment... my friends would give me feedback that they feel at peace and centered when they are at my place.

I travel frequently and Sleep Easy helps me adjust on different time zones, allow me to feel well rested and energized when I wake up. 

I also recommend the Vital Essence for people on the go... it gives me an extra boost, especially when I have important meetings. Amazing stuff!"

Yen-Lu Chow, Former Scientist of Apple Inc


"Nothing in the universe stands still; everything is in dynamic exchange, regulated by the flow of energy and information.

QuantumEasy and the series of micro-applications it generates is about going to the source of this flow at the most fundamental quantum- informational level by restoring to health the code that lies at the core of who we are, an amazing innovation that can bring about personal transformation and greater alignment of our body, mind and soul, and bringing into greater harmony our Inner YOUniverse and the Universe at large."

Nicolas Travis, Forbes 30 Under 30, Founder Of Allies Of Skin


"I am a big believer in the laws of attraction. 

QuantumEasy’s products and programs have enhanced my personal energy forcefield; paving the way for brilliant new possibilities and opportunities. 

Living up to my highest potential is so much easier now."

Kawena G, Australia Psychic Hall Of Fame Award


As you would know, we spiritual people are so sensitive to negative energies. 

I have found that when I use the Psychic Shield Bodyguard, especially when I am in a crowded room, that negative energy is repelled and I don’t feel any discomfort at all. 

Being a simple person I don’t understand any of this, but I just know it works. I am so glad I gave it a try.

Cynthia Koh, Award Winning Celebrity


"Some may think... it’s just a silver sticker. But no!!! They really work. My favourites are Everyday EMF Protector and Customer Attractor.


Everyday EMF Protector helped with the headaches I get when I use my phone too much, while Customer Attractor have been pulling in great work and networking opportunities for me.

Jason Chee, International Model Celebrity Fitness Coach & Winner of Manhunt 2012


"As someone who's almost constantly on my phone due to work (I have to tend to my clients), I am pretty concerned about the EMF radiation I get from my phone. Being a fitness trainer and coach, that increases the concern about health issues in all aspects, including EMF’s affect on us.

Using the Everyday EMF Protector makes me feel at ease while using my phone and I don't get as much stress and headache at the end of the day. Definitely felt less tired as well from the negative effects of EMF. Never knew a simple small sticker could do big things like this."

Julius Czerny, Triple International Stevie Award Winner


"Being an active surf lifesaver and surf boat rower, I often find myself with injuries and soreness after competing and training. I have been using QuantumEasy’s Pain-Less and find that I recover very quickly and get over my injuries or pain much faster than I ever have. I really enjoy that fact that I am not taking any drugs or putting chemicals on my skin. 

Its wonderful I am getting the benefits of Quantum energy using this natural technology. My partner has been using Sleep Easy and has for the first time in many years experienced a full nights sleep waking feeling energised. Whenever we travel we never leave home without them."