The Vision

We believe in a world where holistic wellness and a state of abundance is possible without pills or chemicals.

The Mission

QuantumEasy works to be your ultimate performance partner, Anytime, Anywhere.

You don’t attract what you want, you attract what you are.

The AuraChakra Company is a place where ancient wisdom is made accessible, easy to understand and most importantly applicable to the 21st century multi-hyphenates. It has become the trusted place, and the leading expert in helping people discover their energy blue-prints (via Auras and Chakras). 

Clients enjoy different options and depth of understanding their energies; one can simply walk in and have a energy scan within seconds, make an appointment with Selina -The Energy Alchemist have a deep dive of their energies, or simply just enjoy our specially created HVF ‘Soul’utions for their everyday energy optimization. Companies have engaged The Aura Chakra Company for Selina’s Keynotes, Trainings and consultations.

Beyond physical, but neither MAGICAL nor MYSTICAL

After more than a decade of helping thousands of people all around the world discover and understand that they are MORE than just their Physical Body, and that all of us have an Energy Body that holds our emotional blueprint- Selina and Vincent came to realise that beyond the world of energy and the physical world, lies the world of Information and at the information level- one can help restore the body ( as an instrument) to its full potential. For years, they have been on a journey to find the best solutions to the many problems that their clients have come to them for.

There are no miracles, only unknown laws – St.Augustine

In 2018, QuatumEasy was created and launched in Singapore at Marina Bay Sands during the Franchise and Licensing ASIA exhibition.

The goal of QuantumEasy is to create simple, highly effective and practically proven solutions which allows deep transformation to activate one’s original primal state. 

Working on higher levels of vibrations and information, using Quantum Waves technology to facilitate quantum transformation in every area of one’s life-be it health, career, relationships and finances. 

The aim is to have long lasting results on all levels-physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

“We believe the future is QuantumEasy, our Stick-On Apps (SOAs) are designed with ease of use and user experience in mind. We focus on usability, fast adoption and mastery.”

Selina Seah- The Energy Alchemist

Soul'utions for Resellers



Who can use "Everyday Stick-On Apps (SOA)?


As each Stick-On-App (SOA) is programmed with the latest US Quantum technology, anyone and everyone can use the SOA. 

Does SOA have any side effects?


I have sensitive skin, is it still safe to use SOA?


It is tested safe for most sensitive skin types – but please do not use SOA for a period longer than recommended as your skin needs to breathe from time to time. There are rare occasions where the user’s skin itches a little after using, if that’s the case, no worries, just peel the SOA off and paste another one when the itching resides.

What is the QWT Quantum Waves Technology and HIP Holographic Information Programming?

Quantum Waves Technology is based on the use of zero point energy and quantum scalar waves to program the hologram stickers with information data and energy.

Holographic Information Programming (HIP)

The SOAs are rectangular hologram stickers that can be programmed with information. Once programmed, the hologram stickers can be activated through pasting it on surfaces and/or acupressure points.

The hologram does nothing more than influence the body, the vortex to function at its most efficient level.

Holographic Information Programming (HIP) is simply the ability to store information data into a holographic sticker. While there have been many claims made about holographic stickers regarding their role in wellness enhancement; HIP does not ascribe any magical or mysterious properties to holographic stickers. Our SOA Hologram Stickers are chosen as a vehicle for their sheer properties of being an excellent storage and transfer device.

It is the unique HIP process birthed from QWT Quantum Waves Technology that makes the SOA Hologram Stickers unique.

Hologram Stickers can be encoded with information and data. The Information and data from biologicals are extracted using the Quantum Waves Technology (QWT) and then stored into the hologram sticker.

The hologram sticker acts as a capacitor that discharges infinitely small, but significant, electrical signals in response to subtle temperature. The Sticker also acts as an antenna and emits quantum waves once activated.

Note:Up to date, the precise mechanism of how data gets transferred is still debated amongst quantum physics experts, and continuous experiments and research are being designed to determine what actually happens quantumly.

What is in the SOA Hologram Sticker?

Each SOA Hologram Sticker is programmed and stores within it, intrinsic data information, carefully engineered to provide solutions for different functions.

For over 6000 years, various cultures have understood that objects and natural sensations influence our daily lives with their colour, sound, design, etc. With the advances of science we are able to capture these natural influences and create ways to store and retrieve this information using our proprietary holograms.  

How does the SOA Hologram Sticker work?

Hologram stickers are chosen as a delivery vehicle to relay information to the human body due to their storage and retrieval properties. Basic design elements in the SOA Hologram Sticker incorporates colour, geometry and symbols lasered into 3 layers within the sticker.

Holographic Data Storage:

As holograms evolved they have the potential to become the next generation of popular storage media, with far more storage capacity and faster transfer rates than today’s technology of HD-DVD and Blu-ray. Hologram stickers contain crystal fields within that makes them excellent as a information carrier and storage.

Hologram Security:

Every SOA Hologram Sticker is created with laser technologies designed with Quantum Easy proprietary images in three-dimensions. Just as credit cards, currency notes use high-security holographic images for security reason, Quantum Easy SOA hologram stickers are secured to ensure that our products are genuine and prevents counterfeit copies.

The information recorded and encrypted within the SOA Hologram Sticker, is much like saving a music file into your computer’s hard drive. Once the SOA is activated, it is like music being broadcast when it is played from the computer.

Does anything enter my body?

Nothing enters the body; the SOA Hologram Sticker is non-transdermal.

How long does the SOA Hologram Sticker last?

Depending on the different uses, the SOA Hologram Sticker is able to last between 12 hours to 10 years.  e.g SOA Hologram stickers used on the body is programmed for 12 hours, after which we recommend that you remove them or change a new SOA. SOAs for Everyday EMF Protector lasts for 10 years once it’s peeled and pasted on the surface. Details of how long the SOA lasts is found on the label and information sheet of the product.

Do note: ALL SOA Hologram Stickers work the moment it is peeled and pasted on a surface, however, once it is peeled off from the surface- it loses the information and the sticker is considered void.

How will I feel when I am wearing or sticking the SOA Hologram Sticker?

The SOA Hologram Stickers are neither stimulants nor depressants, and contain no chemicals. Therefore, one would likely not feel anything. 

Please note: We make NO medical claims and the SOAs are not intended to diagnose, treat or prevent any ailment or disease and are experimental in nature. Do read our disclaimers & terms for more information.

Can I travel with my SOA Hologram Stickers?

Most certainly, they are meant to be your performance partner, ANYTIME, ANYWHERE.

Can the SOA Hologram Sticker pass through the X-ray machines at the airports?

YES, the SOA Hologram Stickers will not be affected by the x-ray machines.

Where do I paste the SOA Hologram Stickers on?

Different SOA stickers come with different functions. Some can be on personal effects, some on physical objects and some on the body. Every SOA comes with information sheet with instructions. Please check and use with discretion.

What if I do not know where the Meridian points are?

No worries, every SOA Hologram Sticker pack comes with an information sheet that will show with illustrations where you should paste them.

Are the SOA Hologram Stickers laboratory tested?

All the SOA Holograms have been tested to be Non-Hazardous & Safe by
TUV SUD PSB, international testing body. Results can be found here.

Are the SOA Hologram Stickers safe for children?

The SOAs are certified non-hazardous and safe, contains no chemicals and is not a drug. It is safe for children to use them. Of course, they are NOT meant to be ingested or used for without discretion.

Is it possible to have an allergic reaction to SOA Hologram Stickers?

No. There are no known side effects. The SOA Hologram Stickers do not introduce any drug, chemicals or new substances into the body. It works by helping to balance and help influence the way the body/ vortex at information level to encourage frequencies to resonate and self-repair at its optimal level.  The end goal is to balance the body, the vortex to allow self-healing and optimal resonance.

Are there any side effects?

The SOA Hologram Stickers are non-toxic and tested that they contain NO chemicals.

Do I take off the SOA Hologram Stickers at night or when I shower?

No, you can leave the SOA Hologram Stickers on as long as you feel comfortable with them. They are waterproof, and do not lose the effectiveness during a shower. However, should they come off in the shower, you will need to replace them.

What happens when the SOA Hologram Stickers peel off or lose their adhesiveness?

Unfortunately, when the SOA Hologram Stickers get peeled off or lose their adhesiveness, they will lose the information programmed within it. You will have to replace it with a new sticker.

Is there a maximum number of SOA Hologram Stickers that I can use?

There is no MAXIMUM number, but again, there are instructions that come with each SOA. Please read and use them with discretion.

What if the SOA Hologram Stickers does not seem to work on me?

Each SOA Hologram Sticker is programmed with specific information programming to target particular lifestyle preferences and needs. As all of us are driven by energy and have our unique frequencies and blueprint, the effects of the SOA Hologram Stickers may vary for different people.

It is possible for some people to experience immediate benefits, while others may realize their results over time. We do recommend using the SOAs for at least a week.

How should I store my SOA Hologram Stickers?

We recommend cool and dry places.

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