Anti-Body Dampness Stick-On App (SOA)

Relieve • Refresh • Restorative


Helps removes ‘dampness’ from the body to prevent lethargy, body aches and stagnation of ‘qi’

How To Use

Stick 1 SOA each on the San Yin Jiao acupuncture point on the inside of both legs (4 fingers above your ankle).


In Tradition Chinese medicine, Dampness (shi) is often associated with late summer which is a time of high humidity and/or wet, rainy weather which may lead to problems of damp living conditions. ‘Dampness’ can also originate inside the body leading to water retention. The ‘Yin’ nature of Dampness obstructs the normal flow of ‘qi’ and can be a challenge to clear. 

Symptoms associated with Dampness are:

Poor appetite, constipation, water retention, pain and heaviness in joints, and feelings of oppression in the chest or upper abdomen, sluggishness and stagnation.

Moxibustion is a method of heating specific acupuncture points on the body through the burning of herbs- usually the mugwort. Mugwort is a commonly used herb in folk medicine, it is believed that the Roman travellers would put it in their shoes to soothe aching feet and relieve exhaustion. Moxibustion uses heat to help increase the flow of ‘qi’ and blood, while the mugwort can help regulate the qi and expel cold. It is a very useful technique to warm the meridians, expel cold and helps with circulation – making it especially helpful for conditions caused by Dampness.

Anti-Body Dampness SOA, once activated, calibrates & balances the Intrinsic Data Information (IDI) of the affected area (area of dis-ease), thereby facilitating the body to correct IDI of the affected area & heal by itself.

Recommended for: 

For anyone living in an area/period of high humidity, or want to reduce the ‘dampness’ in their body.

A pack includes: 14 times use (2 SOAs for each use; 2pcs x 14 times= 28pcs) 

Recommended usage of each SOA is 8-12hours, but its effects last as long as it’s activated

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*Important things to note:• Do not attempt to reuse a peeled off SOA, the effects of the SOA ceases once it’s peeled off. 


"I’m told that I have a lot of dampness in my body... and that caused frequent aches, and even pain in my joints. They got much better after using Anti-Body Dampness SOA!"

– Aliya

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Anti-Body Dampness Stick-On App (SOA)

Relieve • Refresh • Restorative


Helps removes ‘dampness’ from the body to prevent lethargy, body aches and stagnation of ‘qi’