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“Quantum Easy is based on the concept of transformation without the chains of conditions and beliefs that we have learned to live by but through deep transformations that happen at quantum level where we want to focus on universal thoughts of what is your mind, your ‘I’ and your YOUniverse.”

We facilitate transformation at information level through quantum activation. We understand the concept of quantum transformation is profound and we are guided by the principle that what matters is not what we can understand, but that we can accept it is the way it is. 

A life of well-being is our birth-right, and we have the right to be well in every area of our life, be it our health, career, relationships and finances. 

Quantum Easy aims at this exact well-being for everyone and situation involved. By activation of quantum transformation that helps balancing and restoring old, corrupted data or programs, we can look forward to long lasting results by having an outcome aimed at transformation on all levels -physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.


Activating your master program

We are living in a very exciting world today where both Information and Energy are important aspects in our daily life. We are now the new revolution of our 21st century being. With the Super Information Highway- the internet and all the new technological inventions, we are living in an ever -changing environment and being more interconnected with our interactive planet earth. The Internet connects your computers, your mobile phones, your ipads. 

You have your very own INNER-NET which, when discovered will help you tap into your incredible YOUniverse where a profound yet powerful world of information and energy exist.

“We are not only connected outside ourselves on a global scale, we too have a vast Universe within us that is virtually unexplored. Our Inner world is interconnected with our external reality.”

Apple has created a whole brand of i-products that have changed the world with it’s unparalleled function and design. What does the ‘i’ really mean? 

Many would think ‘i’ refers to the Internet. But when Steve Jobs represented the Internet with the ‘i’, he also meant the ‘i’ referring to an INDIVIDUAL- the personal nature of the computer which was intended to inform, instruct and inspire. 

Are we the new revolution of your royal ‘I’ness (Highness)? 

Are we as an INDIVIDUAL, connected with our Inner-net with the right Information, Instructions and living an Inspired Life? 

Here’s a simple analogy with a computer which helps explain how we, as human beings function and interact with the world around us.



 Hardware in our 3 dimensional world 







BODY = Hardware in our 3 dimensional world

Our Physical Body is just like the hardware of a computer unit consisting of all its electrical wires, currents, relay stations etc. The Human brain is very much like the motherboard of the computer. The wires and circuitry which runs through the complete system connecting all the various parts can be compared the nervous system in the human being. 

A strong super model of a physical body(hardware) allows us to achieve more, function better and perform efficiently. 

Of course, a weak or slow hardware is something that we want to improve and upgrade, afterall we cannot just throw away our ‘hardware’ and replace it with a new one.


MIND = Software

Our mind is very similar to the various software programs that are used to drive the computers. Our mind holds a variance of emotional structures and behavioural systems which is like the operating system. 

Your Information software gives clear and precise instructions as to what is supposed to happen as a result of information which is input or received. Just as different software programs create different actions and results, different minds create different physical and emotional responses that shapes one’s reality. 

Our Mind, our software is capable of the greatest of all gifts. We can be both intuitive and imaginative by using our higher mind for the purpose of creation. 

The human mind is also capable of perceiving and also transmitting feelings and emotions. The human mind is strongly connected to the physical body, just as the hardware and software of the computer is always integral to each other. 

The word E-motions =Energy in-motion is a strong message that our mind is very connected to our physical body. 

A well-programmed software will boost and enhance the abilities of a strong hardware. 

We are capable of being excellent software programs, only if we know how.


SPIRIT= Programmer

Your Information Database (software) is your operating system. Your unprocessed emotions, limiting beliefs, karmas, trauma conflicts, life experiences are all saved on this mega hard drive. 

All the information on this hard drive influence and impacts your perception as well as your reactions in your world, both inside and outside. Your physical and emotional response shapes your reality. 

Our solutions are ‘information’ activators as well as deactivators- designed to help balance, harmonise and restore blockages and disturbances back to total harmony. It’s all about going right to the core of things – the information level, so that true transformation can take place. 

The game changer is knowing that neither the software nor hardware is the final rule- the PROGRAMMER is the alchemist of all creation. This is where life is bestowed to the computer.


Everyday we experience largely the same thoughts, experiences and emotions and belief patterns as we did the day before, the month before and even the years before. All our thoughts, beliefs and emotions are all stored and programmed from our superconscious mind, our information level which like the alchemist, bestows the creation and direction of our future. 

Our ‘I’ness, our ‘I’nformation matrix consist of our past, present and future. Only by understanding and activating our Quantum field can we begin to download new programs to activate our ultimate wellness in mind, body and spirit.

Who am ‘I’? What is your ‘I’self?

“Quantum Easy is based on the concept of transformation without the chains of conditions and beliefs that we have learned to live by but through deep transformations that happen at quantum level where we want to focus on universal thoughts of what is your mind, your ‘I’ and your YOUniverse.” 

Quantum consciousness offers new ways of thinking and new ways of BEING in this world. If we are able to watch and observe our body as well as our mind, it follows logically that there has to be something beyond mind/body which we might call SPIRIT. 

We are powerful spiritual beings, we are ‘i’ndividuals connected with everything who are creators and designers of all our own programs. Every minute of every day and night, awake or in slumber, we are constantly programming and designing our own mind and body. 

We are NOT the programs, we are the PROGRAMMERS.”

We are the programmers and choice makers of our life and we are the designers who can choose what apps to install from the universe. 

In our technological age, everything is easily accessible and quick. Such speed creates overwhelm for many software and affects the hardware. What we set out to do, is to make Information and Energy downloads super easy and safe. 

We call them Everyday Stick-on Apps. 

So if the software is the operating system which is a collection of programs that provide instructions for the computer, what then is an app (application) that has now taken the world by storm ever since Apple revolutionized smartphones? 

In short, an app is also a type of software. Apps are your little computer programs with a main goal of performing a specific task or range of tasks. Importantly, an app requires user interaction to be useful, in fact apps are designed with the user in mind. The system software is loaded on the computer for it to start, and while the user can upgrade the system software, the user is unable to run it. 

Our E-motions, our belief systems, our DNA is like the system software, running as the operating system on our physical body (hardware). The state of our system software affects the quality of instructions that it passes to the hardware. We can upgrade it, but we are still unable to ‘run’ it as we like- which explains why despite best practices of energy healing, positive thinking and modern cures, we still find ourselves stuck in our own matrix of consciousness.


“With QuantumEasy Everyday Stick-on Apps, the ability to change our ‘YOU’niverse is now possible.”

The beauty of the APP is not just because you can now have an APP for everything, from weird to wacky to truly wonderful BUT because the true function of an APP is designed for YOU the user to run it and use it. 

YOU can now CHOOSE which software/program you need and simply run it and actively interact with it. Just like how today, people are constantly interacting and experimenting with new apps on app stores. 

The ability to install and delete apps on their devices at rapid pace and ease is a game change to the software of yesteryear. 

QuantumEasy Everyday Stick-On Apps are designed with Ease of use and user experience in mind. We focus on usability, fast adoption and mastery.

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