How does Everyday Stick-On Apps (SOA) work?

YOU can now CHOOSE which area of your life to upgrade, anytime, anywhere.


The beauty of the QuantumEasy Everyday Stick-On App is not just because you can now have an APP for everything, from weird to wacky to truly wonderful BUT because the true function of an APP is designed for YOU the user to run it and use it. 

YOU can now CHOOSE which software/program you need and simply run it and actively interact with it. Just like how today, people are constantly interacting and experimenting with new apps on app stores. 

The ability to install and delete apps on their devices at rapid pace and ease is a game change to the software of yesteryear. 

QuantumEasy Everyday Stick-On Apps are designed with Ease of use and user experience in mind. We focus on usability, fast adoption and mastery.

Choose from over 30 & counting SOAs!

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Why are we the Market leader in quantum waves solution

Instant breakthrough results

with Quantum Waves Technology from USA

Sophisticated features of holographic sticker

for encrypted information and retention

Sealed & protected

  with Quantum Waves Technology against contamination & corruption of information

Lasts Up to 10 years

 the effects do not wear off over time (for selected products)

Proven positive results

after extensive testings, winning over other Quantum products in the market

Tested & Proven Internationally

Instant result of QuantumEasy Everyday EMF Safe on ‘live’ TV

Everyday Stick-On Apps (SOA) FAQ

How is SOA different from Distance Balancing Apps (DBA)?

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Does SOA have any side effects?


I have sensitive skin, is it still safe to use SOA?


It is tested safe for most sensitive skin types – but please do not use SOA for a period longer than recommended as your skin needs to breathe from time to time. There are rare occasions where the user’s skin itches a little after using, if that’s the case, no worries, just peel the SOA off and paste another one when the itching resides.

Who can use SOA?


Whether you’re looking to boost performance in your career, relationship, business…etc, there’s something for everyone!

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